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Air Purifier

The Peaceful Breeze™ System uses a combination of filtration processes to provide you a clean and refreshing breathing environment.

Each air purifier filter has a specific function and each unit has its own particular set of filters.

  • The Negative Ion Generator is an odor eliminator and removes smoke, allergens, dust, and bacteria from the air.

  • Ozone kills germs and odors.

  • Pre-filters capture coarse and fine particles to prolong the life of subsequent filters.

  • The HEPA filter controls very fine particles (smaller than 0.3 microns), allergens, bacteria and viruses at a 99.97% purification rate.

  • The Activated Carbon filter absorbs over 100 gases, pollutants and odors.

  • The Multi-catalyst filter absorbs and decomposes harmful gases.

  • The optional Herbal Sterilization filter has an antibacterial efficiency up to 97.3%.

  • The additional Fragrance cartridge and Essential Oil functions surround the room with refreshing and relaxing aroma.

These filtration processes combined with attractive, space-savings designs, energy efficiency and quiet operation make the Peaceful Breeze™ System of Air Purifiers a welcome addition to both your home and office.

Medium Room Air Purifier

Clean House with an HEPA/Ionic Air Purifier

Our HEPA/ionic air purifier selection for the home includes:

Breathe Easier on the Road with a Car Air Purifier

We also offer the following line of automobile air purifiers:

What separates the Peaceful Breeze™ Air Purification System from other systems is our HEPA/Ionic purification, our whisper quiet operation, our aesthetically pleasing designs and our low cost.


Providing high qualtiy air purifer