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Small Room Air Purifier In Bathroom Incorporated in 2001, Asthma Freedom, Inc. (AFI) has recently become a family owned business. Capitalizing on the need to offer respiratory solutions to people with limited access to a variety of competitive products, AFI began exclusively as an internet based business. Today, AFI retains its national/international internet based company as well as expanding into the retail marketplace.

Corporate Philosophy: Asthma Freedom, Inc. is committed to providing the customer with a superior quality product, great service and competitive pricing.

Asthma Freedom, Inc. will provide the customer a safe, reliable and convenient solution to shopping, while visiting our internet sites.

Business Philosophy: Asthma Freedom, Inc. chooses to collaborate with research facilities, manufacturers and experts within the respiratory related medical field, to provide a variety of solutions and products to satisfy the needs of our customers. AFI will continually seek new solutions, new products and new vendors to meet the needs of our customers. We will provide both traditional and unique solutions while continuing to search out the latest advancements in the field of respiratory health.