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What is a HEPA filter?

Answer: A HEPA filter, which stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air, is designed to remove 99.97% of all airborne pollutants 0.3 microns or larger that pass through this highly refined filter (ex. tobacco, smoke, household dust and pollen).

How much electricity does the unit consume?


Room Purifiers:
  1. Model 388 operates on 2.5W
  2. Model 688 operates on 50W
  3. Model 681 operates on 39W
Automobile Purifiers:
  1. Model 708 operates on 3W
  2. Model 729 operates on 3W
  3. Model 747 operates on 3W

During the day, how long do I run the unit?

Answer: The length with which you run these units is completely based on ones' personal preference. Yet the most effective way of keeping your air purified is to keep the unit running continuously. The low wattage and input voltage consumed make these units very low cost to operate.

How long before I need to change the filter?

Answer: Once per year - when used periodically throughout the day. Twice per year - when using 24 hrs. per day, everyday.

How long will the unit last?

Answer: The Peaceful Breeze Air Purification units are built to last. The high quality, durable parts and our 2-year warranty let you relax and enjoy your newly found clean environment.

What size room will the unit purify?


Room Purifiers:
  • Model 388 Effective Area: up to 180 sq. ft., approx. 12' x 15'
  • Model 688 Effective Area: up to 270 sq. ft., approx. 16' x 18'
  • Model 681 Effective Area: up to 405 sq. ft., approx. 20' x 20'
Automobile Purifiers:
How do negative ions work?

Answer: Negatively charged ions attach themselves to contaminants, smoke and allergens, which are positively charged. The newly formed larger particles are then able to fall away and out of the air we breathe.