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Customers compare air purifiers - and choose Peaceful Breeze

Medium Room Air Purifier If you would like to provide us with a testimonial, please contact us.

Sarah Smart, Akron, New York:

We purchased a Peaceful Breeze Model 681 Room Air Purifier in an attempt to clean the air in our basement and house. We suffered a flood in our basement and could not get rid of the musty smell, odors, or pollutants in the basement and those migrating into the living area of our home. Your air purifier cleaned the air within a couple of days! We no longer smell anything in our basement and we feel more comfortable in our living environment. - Thank you.

Joe Freitas, Capello Salons, Amherst, New York:

We have been using the Peaceful Breeze™ Air Purification system Models 688 and 681 for the past two months in our hair salon. They work extremely well purifying the air with whisper quiet operation. They are great!

Margo Sue Bittner, The Winery at Marjim Manor/Singer Farms, Appleton, New York:

Dear Peaceful Breeze,
We had two propane fireplaces installed. The installers were insistent that the first few times they were lit, the smoke alarms would go off. They never did! The air stayed nice and fresh Ð no burning scent or anything! I have noticed Kevin (who has asthma) has not been coughing as much either. Once he moves out, I probably should get him a Peaceful Breeze Model 681 for his apartment.

Jane Murray - Vestal, New York:

Dear Peaceful Breeze,
For the past 3-4 weeks, we have been using your Model 688 air purifier in our bedroom. My husband has a snoring problem and we are looking for all of the help we can get. Let me tell you - your product works! My husband is snoring less and all we can attribute it to is cleaner, fresher air. Thank you so much.

Susan Edelman - Tampa, Florida:

I purchased your Peaceful Breeze Model 681 for our living room. My daughter has breathing problems and we were looking for a way to purify the air in our living room without having to get rid of our cat and dog. It is great! We use it on medium with the automatic sensor (I really do not understand how it works) and it cleans the air so quietly that we can all still talk with each other and watch television. When we use the unit, my daughter breathes great. Thanks for coming up with such a quiet, effective product.

Adrienne Pascal - Santa Ana, California:

Dear Peaceful Breeze,

We live on the west coast and continually seem to have bad, dusty air every day. I purchased your Model 388 Peaceful Breeze air purifier for my son's bedroom. He is 3 years old and suffers from asthma and has difficulty in breathing. Your product helps him sleep and more importantly, breathe easier. The only problem is that the unit is so quiet! I have to check to see that it is on and working because I cannot really hear it. It is great.

Thanks for making my son's life more enjoyable.

Tom Torbjornsen - America's Car Show:

This auto air purifier works! I have put it in six smoker's cars and have effectively removed the smoke from every car. The device is just under $20!